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Bosch Solution 2000 IP+ 2 Tri-Techs (Pet Proof) + Text Keypad

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Bosch Solution 2000 IP+ 2 Tri-Techs (Pet Proof) + Text Keypad Including:




1X Bosch Solution 2000 PCB (ICP-SOL2-P)

ICP-SOL2-P Features:


      • 8 Fully Programmable Zones,
      • 4 x Output, Max 2 Areas, 32 Users,
      • 4 x Keypad maksimum, 256 Max Events
      • Partitionable into 2 Separate Areas,
      • STAY / AWAY Arming Options,
      • 18VAC Power.



1X Alpha Text Keypad (IUI-SOL-TEXT)

IUI-SOL-TEXT Features:


      • Alphanum LCD With Backlit Plastic
      • 3-line LCD with up to 18 characters
      • Menu-style user interface makes system operation simple and easy
      • Highly visible on the arm, disarm, power, and fault indicators
      • Simple installation with self-locking base
      • Mounting: Wall Mount
      • Voltage: 12 VDC nominal
      • Suits for Solution 2000/3000 Panel.

product-desc-image1X  IP Module (B426-M)

B426-M Features:


      • Supports mobile app communication for AMAX and Solution Series control panels
      • Full two-way IP event reporting with remote control panel programming support
      •  support DHCP, UPnP, and Auto IP addressing by default
      • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet communication for IPv6 and IPv4 networks
      • NIST-FIPS197 Certified for 128-bit to 256-bit AES Encrypted Line Security
      • Plug and Play installation, including UPnP service to enable remote programming behind firewalls
      • NIST-FIPS197 Certified for 128-bit to 256-bit AES Encrypted Line Security
      • Easy configuration.


2X Blue Line Gen2 Tri-Tech (Pet Proof) Sensors (ISC-BDL2-WP12G).

ISC-BDL2-WP12G Features:


      • Dynamic Temperature Compensation – superior
        catch a performance in any environment
      • Microwave Noise Adaptive processing – reduce false alarms from repetitive sources
      • Wall to Wall Coverage – superior catch performance
      • Optimize installation for pets (45 kg [100 lb]) (‑WP models only)
      • The recommended mounting height is 2.2 m to 2.75 m (7.5 ft to 9 ft) with no adjustments required
      • Voltage (operating): 9 VDC to 15 VDC
      • Current (alarm/standby): 10 mA at 12 VDC.


1X Bosch Solution 2000 Range Empty Metal Box (MW250)

MW250 Features:


      • BOSCH MW250 metal enclosure suits solution 880/2000/3000 panels
      • 260w x 260h x 70d(mm) (ext dimensions).


1X Bosch Fire Fly type Slimline Siren with Strobe (WP06)

WP06 Features:


      • Siren tone selectable for different applications
      • Sound volume adjustable: low dB for testing and high dB for normal operation
      • Loud: up to 110dB
      • Bright: new LED strobe design
      • Independent siren and strobe operation
      • High-quality UV-treated case
      • Weatherproof
      • Front and back tampers
      • EOLRs built-in, suitable for most major alarm panels
      • Dimensions 200 x 110 x 70mm.


1X Top Hat Piezo (WP08)

WP08 Features:


      • Surface Mount
      • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 105dB/m
      • Current: 110mA
      • Voltage: 12VDC.


1X General Battery (CJ12-7)

CJ12-7 Features:


      • CJ series is a general-purpose battery with five years of design life in float service.
      • It meets IEC and JIS standards.
      • With updated AGM valve-regulated technology and high-purity raw materials,
      • the CJ series battery has a reliable standby service life. It is suitable for UPS/EPS, medical equipment, emergency lights, and security systems applications.
      • CJ12-7 (12V7Ah).


1X Bosch Alarm 18V Power Plug (TF008-B)

TF008-B Features:


      • 240 VAC primary
      • voltage input. 18 VAC
      • 1.3 A secondary input
      • Includes thermal fuses and a three‑wire flying lead with an earth connection.


Feature chart:




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