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Bosch Solution 6000 IP Smart + 3x Pro PIRs

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  • K6K-KYP-B7015-PP3-IP

Quick Kit Overview:


  • Comes with 3 x Blue Line Professional Series PIR Sensors.
  • Includes indoor and outdoor sirens.
  • Includes OnBoard Ethernet LAN.
  • Includes Keypad.
  • Includes power supply and battery.
  • Includes resistors, phone leads, tamper switches, and lots more.
  • You will need to purchase cable if your premises is not pre-wired.



Bosch Solution 6000 IP Smart + 3x Pro PIRs Includes:



1X Bosch IP panel PCB only (CC615PB)

CC615PB Features:


      • 16 onboard zones (expandable to 144 wired or wireless)
      • Partitionable to 8 areas
      • Integrated access control for up to 16 doors
      • 8 Wired Devices
      • five onboard outputs (expandable to 37)
      • IP Reporting via CSV-IP, Connetix, SIA, MyAlarm.


product-desc-image1X Solution Conettix IP Ethernet
Module (CM751B)

CM751B Features:


      • High security (128bit encryption) replacement for
        PSTN line
      • Remote upload/download over IP and alarm
        reporting over LAN/WAN
      • Operate outputs and areas remotely
      • Dynamic and fixed IP address support
      • Conettix and CSV-IP reporting formats
      • Operating Voltage: maximum available 12V accessory
        power from the panel. 


1X Enclosure (MW350)

MW350 Features:


      • Suits Solution 6000, 144, 16i, and 16 Plus series
      • Room for 5 standard modules
      • Comes with tamper switch & bracket
      • Includes lid screws.


3x Blue Line Bosch Professional Series PIRs (ISC-PPR1-W16)

ISC-PPR1-W16 Features:


      • 18 m x 25 m (60 ft x 80 ft) standard coverage; 8 m x 10 m (25 ft x 33 ft) selectable short range coverage
      • Sensor data fusion technology
      • Tri-focus optics technology
      • Active white light suppression
      • Dynamic temperature compensation
      • Remote walk test
      • Alarm memory
      • Draft and insect immunity
      • 2 m to 3 m (7 ft to 10 ft) mounting height, no adjustments required
      • Operating: 9 VDC to 15 VDC


1X Smart Keypad Included(CP736B)

CP736B Features:


      • Customizable Installer banner display allowing you to personalize every installation with a Site Name,
        Company Name or Contact Number.
      • 3.5” Color graphical display with LED backlight
      • 40bit MiFare smart card reader built-in allows users to present
        a token or card at the keypad to arm or disarm the system, 
      • Alpha-numeric text prompting/programming
      • Power: +12VDC, 110mA Max (LAN powered +9VDC - +16VDC).


1X Bosch Smart Card Fob (PR301)

PR301 Features:


      • Integrates seamlessly with the access control functions
      • Could be programmed to set the alarm on and off with a single swipe
      • Compatible with the solution 600 panel
      • Suitable for people of all ages
      • Easy to use. Simple swipe the keys across the keypad to automatically arm and disarm your system
      • Compatibility: Solution 6000 Smart Card Keypads, and external Smart Card Readers.


1X Bosch Fire Fly type Slimline Siren with Strobe (WP06)

WP06 Features:


      • Siren tone selectable for different applications
      • Sound volume adjustable: low dB for testing and high dB for normal operation
      • Loud: up to 110dB
      • Bright: new LED strobe design
      • Independent siren and strobe operation
      • High-quality UV-treated case
      • Weatherproof
      • Front and back tampers
      • EOLRs built-in, suitable for most major alarm panels
      • Dimensions 200 x 110 x 70mm.



1X Top Hat Piezo (WP08)

WP08 Features:


      • Surface Mount
      • SPL: 105dB/m
      • Current: 110mA
      • Voltage: 12VDC.


1X General Battery (CJ12-7)

CJ12-7 Features:


      • CJ series is a general-purpose battery with 5 years of design life in float service.
      • It meets IEC and JIS standards.
      • With updated AGM valve-regulated technology and high-purity raw materials,
      • the CJ series battery has reliable standby service life. It is suitable for UPS/EPS, medical equipment, emergency light, and security systems applications.
      • CJ12-7 (12V7Ah).


1X Bosch Alarm 18V Power Plug (TF008-B)

TF008-B Features:


      • 240 VAC primary
      • voltage input. 18 VAC
      • 1.3 A secondary input
      • Includes thermal fuses and a three‑wire flying lead with an earth connection.


Expandable to:


  • 144 zones (Hardwired or wireless).
  • 1000 Users.
  • GSM 3G reporting options
  • Wifi Keypad Compatible
  • Ethernet IP Module
  • 16 Keypads, proximity readers, or biometric scanners.
  • Smartphone Apps

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