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Bosch Wi-Fi Graphics Keypad for Solution 6000 CP741B

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Other alternatives: Bosch Solution 6000 Hardwired Wi-Fi Graphics Keypad CP737B
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Another alternative for wifi keypad is the bosch solution 6000. Click here




  • Built-in proximity reader (RS485)
  • Large graphical display with LED backlight, with real-time clock and temperature display, and adjustable
    volume, backlight, and contrast
  • Up to 4 lines of 20 characters and icons, with dedicated ON, OFF, and PART keys
  • Alphanumeric text prompting/programming with custom installer static display screen
  • Terminal block connections




Built-in Proximity Reader

The CP701 and CP711 enhanced code pad includes a built-in proximity reader so that the user can simply
present a token at the code pad to arm and disarm the system, eliminating the need to remember PINs.

Large back-lit graphical LCD

One of the most comprehensive displays available, the large backlit LCD incorporates the latest pixel
technology which graphically identifies all system conditions at a glance. Variable font sizes are used
depending on the situation with important information being displayed in a large bold font, while up to 4 lines
of text can be displayed when more information is required.
At all times the user is prompted in alphanumeric text identifying the current operating mode,
enhancing feedback for trouble-free and simple operations.

All system-programmable features and options are displayed in full text on the code pad, allowing the
system to be programmed and configured without referring to the manual.

Adjustable contrast and backlighting

Display screens can also be customized to show the installer logo or contact information when the system
is in idle mode. Brightness and contrast levels are programmable via the code pad so the user can adjust
the display to their desired optimum clarity.

The entire display and key area are constantly illuminated with a subtle glow. During operation, the
code pad automatically switches to a brighter mode for easy use. The user may elect to fully extinguish the
code pad when not in user.

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