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UNV Pendant Mount Bracket For SPD Dome PTZ White Alumunium Alloy

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The UNV PTZ Dome Pendant Mount TR-CE45-IN is a sophisticated accessory designed to enhance the installation and functionality of UNV PTZ dome cameras. This pendant mount offers a robust and versatile solution for suspending cameras from ceilings, providing surveillance professionals with flexibility in camera placement and coverage optimization in indoor environments.

Constructed with durability and precision in mind, the TR-CE45-IN is crafted from high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience against environmental factors. Its sturdy build provides a stable and secure platform for mounting UNV PTZ dome cameras, guaranteeing reliable surveillance monitoring even in demanding indoor settings.

A standout feature of the TR-CE45-IN is its adjustable design, which enables surveillance professionals to customize the installation to achieve the desired viewing angle. With its pendant configuration and adjustable length, this mount allows for precise positioning of the camera to ensure comprehensive coverage of the monitored area, enhancing the effectiveness of the surveillance system.

Installation of the pendant mount is straightforward and convenient, with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included for ease of use. This user-friendly approach simplifies the setup process, reducing installation time and effort while ensuring a secure and stable mounting solution for UNV cameras.

Furthermore, the TR-CE45-IN is designed to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of UNV PTZ dome cameras, providing a sleek and professional appearance when installed in indoor surveillance environments. Its modern design enhances the visual appeal of the surveillance setup, contributing to a cohesive and professional overall impression. Overall, the UNV PTZ Dome Pendant Mount TR-CE45-IN offers surveillance professionals a reliable and efficient solution for suspending UNV PTZ dome cameras from ceilings, ensuring optimal camera positioning and coverage in indoor surveillance applications.




Bracket TR-CE45-IN
Application Indoor or outdoor, PTZ Dome Pendant installation
Dimensions Φ116.5mmx239mm(Φ4.6” x9.4”)
Weight 0.67kg(1.5lb)
Material Aluminum alloy

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